• You Make a Difference…(We Make It Easier).

    Your contribution may be a small piece of the pie overall, but you alone can preclude many health related risk in community and HANDS Nepal will always be there for you.

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  • Healing a hurting world.

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  • Clean Water. Healthy Community. Happy People.

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  • Empowering Communities. Ending Poverty.

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The best way to predict the future is to create it. The world is facing a paradigm shift never seen before and HANDS Nepal is ready to succeed in an unknown future.



We respond with humankind and kindness to each person’s pain, distress, disquietude or need. We search for the stuff we can do, however small, to give comfort and diminish suffering.



HANDS Nepal believes in shaping a meaningful future with the collaboration, innovation and transformation. Let’s co-create transformation journey together!



HANDS Nepal is a not for profit organization established in the year 2019 in Lalitpur district. HANDS Nepal is working to assist communities in improving health, promoting education, and alleviating poverty. HANDS Nepal will focus on the mental and physical disabilities within the communities.

HANDS Nepal is an inclusive organization which does not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, age and disability. HANDS Nepal also targets to reach the marginalized communities deprived of basic health care especially focusing on the mental health. HANDS Nepal promotes gender equality and plan to develop social institutions for community empowerment.

HANDS Nepal’s vision and mission is to work closely with public and private partners and include individual and communities from various sector to provide basic health care and to promote awareness in mental health and physical disability. HANDS Nepal wants to serve humanity and enable to contribute good deeds to bring relief in the lives of poorest of the poor.


HANDS Nepal Team


HANDS Nepal Team

HANDS Nepal is greatly thankful to the HANDS International and HANDS Pakistan, our implementing partners for the wholehearted generous support and tireless work for the development process. We are also thankful to all the public sector officials of Nepal Governments/ Administrations for their support. The profile you are about to read is a result of a good team work.

Firstly, our gratitude to Dr. Tanveer Ahmed, whose continuous inspirational leadership has inculcated energy, motivation and commitment in the organization. We appreciate all the governing board members of HANDS, Shova Dhakal, Juneli Dangol, Upadesh Shrestha, Mimoh Sapkota, Bijaya Ghimire, Swajal Acharya, and Laxmi Aryal.



Providing Health Facilities

HANDS Nepal targets to reach the marginalized communities deprived of basic health care.

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Safe & Effective Livelihood

Our projects included support for improving health through community development and livelihoods in Nepal

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Healthy & Clean Community

Knowledge of cleanliness, sanitation, clean water, and basic amenities for primary health in every place.

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Sanitation & Hygiene Education

The women and children suffer from malnutrition, communicable diseases, lack of hygiene and sanitation facilities.

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Self Empowering Marginalized

Self empowerment of marginailized group in their livelihood.

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Improving Maternal Health

There were rising export numbers, education programs, and maternal health efforts.

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If you are in need... We are available for you

Others find HANDS Nepal easy to understand. We also have the ability to listen carefully to what others are saying, to understand and then to respond appropriately. Conversations with HANDS Nepal are two-way. Prioritizes and sequences own tasks and those of other people in the team. Makes sure that the priority tasks are always completed on time. Always contributes vigorously to the efforts of the team, whether as a leader or a team member. We understands own weaknesses and others’ strengths and goes to the right people for help.